Stop it - Katrina LowMature

I found myself in a back alley with the dog at my heel. I hadn't bothered to name it cause I was just waiting for it to go away. Although I'd made it to the edge of the city where low rent apartments were and it hadn't stopped following me yet.

I hadn't head on encountered another lot of zombies yet. I was calling them zombies cause what else did I have to call them? The dog suddenly barked and I turned to glare at it but he was pawing away at a fire exit. I tilted my head and began to walk away but he barked at me again. This bark caused a instant silence and I could tell that any zombies close by were either waiting for another sign or coming right now.

"Damn you" I whispered then went over to the door pushing my weight against it. It wouldn't budge. I looked down at the dog who whimpered and scratched at it. Shaking my head I pushed at it again. This time it budged but only a few inches. The dog slipped in but I had to suck in my stomach to get through the door then round the load of crap that had been shoved against it. I pushed it all back then turned to find the dog sniffing at the floor. 

I followed it into the main hallway and glanced round. It was easy to tell that someone had just been here or was still here which is why I pulled my gun out and clicked the safety off.

Pulling it up I continued to follow the dog but reached out to grab its collar when it moved to race up the stairs. The barricades suggested that whoever was in here knew about the zombies and they either locked themselves safely away or had locked themselves in with zombies. 

It either meant they were alive or dead or zombies. Sighing I let the dog lead my along but kept the gun pointed ahead of me. It was obvious the dog could smell something or someone.

Swallowing he lead me up to the second floor to a room where the door hung open. I moved to step in when I heard the click of a safety going off. I took a ragged breath as the gun pressed against my skull. "Turn round" a male voice demanded. Not wanting to get my brains blown out I did so but I also lost grip off the dogs collar.

The dog barked sharply at this man who held the gun in my face. "Who are you? How did you get in here?" I couldn't look him in the eye and the hand that didn't hold the gun began to pick at my finger nails. "Answer me"

I quickly clicked on the safety of my gun before gesturing at the dog. I didn't really want to shoot the dog. Oh god, had I got attached to the dog? The man heaved a sigh not seeming to get that I was saying the dog had lead me in. "Look, we're not gonna hurt you, we just need to know how you got in" he said lowering his gun.

"Kat. Fire escape" I said looking at the floor and scuffing my shoes against it.

"Which floor?" he demanded again making me feel even more nervous. All I could do was gesture at the stairs which led down. As he looked away I took a chance and brought my hand up disarming him and turning his own gun on him. It wasn't my favourite gun but I didn't like this questioning. I didn't like being forced to talk to people or forced into a situation with people.

It made me nervous. It made me feel sick. He looked at me calmly. "Do you really want to do that?" he asked me. To be honest I was terrified. Despite my quickened breathing and fear my shot was straight on. "By all means, shoot me. But there's another soldier on the floor above us, and he has a bit of a trigger happy finger"

A little smile touched my lips but that was all. "I was eleven when I held my first gun"

"I wouldn't say that was something to be proud of, but if we're trying to one up each other, I was twenty three when I first killed a person"

He took it off me and I leant down to pick up my gun which had slid under my foot when I had taken his. I began to head towards the stairs which I had come up. "Where do you think you're going?" the man asked me while I continued heading off. 

I saw the dogs heading between us but then the man strode after me. "If you're staying here, you have to help out"

"I don't like people"

"I don't care; you help or you get out"

Rolling my eyes I ignored him and went to the first floor kicking in an apartment door. I began to move past the kitchen but stepped back to find a zombie stood chomping on the neck of what I guessed was his wife. I fired three shots to its head and watched it fall back its head falling near my feet. I stepped back and was glad to see that where wasn't much left to worry about the woman. 

"Are you listening to a word I'm saying, or do you have a problem with authority figures?"

"I'm listening. I just don't care" I replied. All I really wanted was for him to go away and leave me alone. 

"Well you should"

"Stop talking to me" I snapped at him before hugging my stomach as the nausea swirled round. I felt like I was on a roller coaster trying to toss me off. I felt my eyes begin to well up and felt a little annoyed at myself.

"Why should I? You're not doing what I'm asking you to do, so why should I return the favour?"

"I don't like people" I whisper turning away from him.

"And that stops you from helping out?" he asked. All I could do was nod. If I spoke much more I was going to throw up everything in my stomach or begin crying like a baby. Why did the stupid dog bring me here? Why did I even follow the damn dog?

"Really? Just makes you sound selfish, to me" I heard him turn to leave which made my body begin to relax.

"Ass" the word slipped from my lips but luckily he kept on walking out the room. I moved to the corner off the room. It gave me a full sight of the room. I relaxed the gun in my hand just as the dog trotted over and curled up by my feet.

I really hoped he wouldn't bring others back.

The End

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