Bernadette: CellarMature

Flowerhouse, I found, was the best place to shop, drink coffee, or in this case, hide from zombies. Even if Rhubarb's brother made us hide in the cellar just in case.

The cellar was really quite large, and there were no windows because, of course, it was underground.

Dark was a very big problem for me, because not only had my childish fear of it not diminished, but it had got worse. Much, much worse.

I was absolutely terrified.

I had taught myself not to freak out and scream about it, but that didn't change the fact that it was scaring me.

I mean, who knows what could happen? Rhubarb and her brother could leave, and I wouldn't know. They could be behind me with raised knives, and I wouldn't know. There could be zombies in here, and-

I put my extremist thoughts aside and concentrated on staying calm.

"Berny, are you even listening to this?" Rhubarb demanded, sounding slightly irritated.


"Why not?"

"I couldn't listen. It's too dark for me to listen," I told her as quickly as I could.

Jonothan was confused. "What do you mean, 'it's too dark to listen'? You don't need to be able to see to-"

"I'm scared of the dark!" I yelled, as if that would make him understand.

Then I suddenly had an idea. I took a night time flare from my bag and shot it across the length of the cellar. It illuminated the room briefly in a dim red glow, before it hit the wall and the light scattered and went out.

"Don't shoot another flare," said Jonothan. "We might actually need those for something important."

I looked frantically around, trying to find his figure in the blackness, and also trying not to hyperventilate.

"That was important! Do you want me to give us away by screaming? I'm not like a little child! I'm actually frightened! There's nothing on the planet that scares me more! It's real, it's a phobia! Like Rhubarb's claustrophobia, but for the dark!"

"Berny, shh!" Rhubarb hissed. "We get it. Just calm down already."

I shut up, knowing by her tone of voice that enough was enough.

But I couldn't calm down. There was not a chance in hell of me being calm until we got out of here. So I returned to my panicked silence, wishing desperately that I hadn't agreed to this.

The End

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