The Stupid Mongrel - Katrina LowMature

I woke to the sound of loud smashing. Rolling to my feet I bundled away my mat hoisting my bag onto my shoulders then drawing my gun and knife. The gun had only 5 bullets left in the clip so I made sure to put two more clips in my pocket just incase I couldn't take them on with what I had.

Taking three slow breath I kicked open the door and turned into the hallway to come face to face with a German Shepherd. Its tongue lolled out of its mouth and its tail was waging. I quickly checked it to make sure it wasn't going to turn rabid any second. To my approval it was quite clean but it was that moment it barked and the noise was very loud.

"Hush" I hissed at it and glanced down the hallway. Where there was a dog there was an owner and soon a girl was stumbling into the hallway. Her ankles looked broken but she still tried to run. I raised my gun about to fire when she looked up at me grinning.

I don't know if I could shoot her. A little girl. I pointed the gun straight at her and squeezed my eyes shut before pulling the trigger three times. On the third shot I heard the thump of her body falling to the floor.

I kept pointing my gun down the hallway but slipped my dagger back into its sheath. I let that arm hang down by my side and the dog nudged my hand. I yanked it away and it whimpered. I shook my head and decided it was time to move on. I began to walk down the hallway with the intention of taking the fire escape. As I got to the window that led to the fire escape the dog barked.

I looked back into the room as I was half way through and saw the dog sat waiting. Biting my lip I waved at it to leave but it wasn't going anywhere. Heaving a sigh I slipped out of the window and began down to the alleyway which is where I met not one this time but about seven zombies. I swallowed and drew my other gun quietly glad they were distracted with whatever it was they were chewing on. I also got ready to switch the clip on my other gun putting it waiting on a bin.

It was the sound of that which made the first one turn. I lifted my gun and pointed the guns up. If this was gonna work I was going to have to not miss a shot.

I began firing which meant they began running. I got three down before I had to reload both my guns and begin running. I just slid out of the alley when the dog turned up. I couldn't pay it much attention and instead kept on running till I found another fire escape. Putting one gun back in its holster I scrambled up and shot another two down which is when they began climbing. 

Well one began climbing and another went after the dog. Strangely I wasn't happy with that and headed to climb along window ledges so I avoided the one after me and got a straight shot to the other. I made sure to shot it twice even when it went down after the first shot. 

That was when something grabbed me and I felt the mouth heading for my neck. Drawing my dagger I sliced out cutting the neck. The zombie feel back and dropped me causing me to drop the one storey to the ground. 

I groaned heavily feeling my ankle hurting. I didn't have a moment piece though cause the zombie wasn't dead rolling over I fired my last three shots which were enough. I let out a heavy breath and stumbled to my feet. Which is when the dog came back up and licked at my hand. I couldn't help but almost smile. Putting my dagger back in its sheath I then reloaded my gun before limping off down the road.

The End

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