Rooftops [Rhubarb]Mature


"OK, you seriously can't be saying you didn't just see the guy maul someone's neck off," said Berny.

I opened my mouth, then closed it again.

"Well, yes, but-" I had to think about how to finish the sentence. "But zombies?!"

Berny folded her arms.

"Well, if you have a better explanation, feel free to share it," she said, raising an eyebrow at me.

I stared at the girl in front of me. She was a couple of inches shorter than I was, which meant she really was short. She was clearly not particularly good at dying her hair, as it was all sorts of shades of lilac, lavender and violet, not to mention that there was several inches of bright yellow-blonde showing. Evidently, she hadn't dyed it for a while.

I would've said that her clothes were weird, but I didn't think I was in any position to comment on people's dress sense. I unbuttoned my trench coat, revealing my sky blue vest top and creamy shorts with a faded red floral pattern over grey leggings. My long socks were also pale blue, but my shoes were definitely staying on till I knew I wouldn't need to run, or stand on someone's face.

"I- I guess, if that's what's happening... Then your answer is yes."

I sank to the floor, my legs folding under me. I suddenly felt very scared and insignificant. These Reaver-like people were definitely not human anymore. Berny's definition of 'zombies' seemed very much appropriate.

There was a few minutes of awkward silence, before I said "Berny... We're on the roof."

Berny's answer was quick and decided. "I am not going back in there."

She wandered over to the edge of the roof and looked over.

"Isn't it strange how you could jump off if it weren't for you?" she murmured, barely loud enough for me to hear.

I tipped my head to the side and looked at, unsure of what what she'd just said meant exactly. Then I got up and wandered over to join her.

"Berny, I know we're not going back in there. But how are we going to get down?"

She frowned for a minute, thinking.


She walked along the roof, dangerously close to the edge. I had to stop myself from pulling her back. She sat down, legs dangling, then without any warning, edged forward and dropped.

I screamed again and rushed forward, going down on my hands and knees to looks over.

Two feet below, Berny grinned up at me.

"What the hell are you doing?" I yelled.

"You didn't seriously think I was going to try and jump all the way to the ground in one go, did you?" she replied, still grinning.

I didn't know how to answer. I guess I had thought that was what she was doing.

Balancing precariously on the windowsill, she jumped to a ledge about which was about half the distance from the windowsill as the windowsill was from the roof.

One of her feet missed ledge and she slipped, tumbling at least five feet to the ground below. I watched her lie there for a few seconds, then slowly she pushed herself up and turned to face me.

"Like this?"

I could see her tights were torn and her palms didn't look too good either. I followed her descent, landing on the ledge and jumping down the top of the grand stone stairs that led up to the main entrance. I ran down and over to Berny.

"Are you okay?"

She grinned. God, did the girl ever stop?

"I'm fine," she said, a statement somewhat spoiled when she tried to stand up and would've fallen over if she hadn't grabbed onto me.

"Berny, your ankle-"

"It's fine! I'll be fine," she said, cheerily, waving away my question.

"I would not called swollen, red and unstandable-on 'fine', Berny."

She smiled, and holding onto my shoulder for support, nearly pulled my coat off.

"Gimme a second," I said, buttoning up my coat again. Then I put an arm round her shoulders, helping her walk on a very obviously twisted ankle.

I really hoped none of the zombies noticed us and decided we looked like an easy lunch.

God, I needed a weapon. I had done swordplay lessons a few years ago – stopped when we couldn't afford it anymore – mostly fencing, but some of everything. I remember my brother's weapon collection, which thankfully contained my favourite sword – a katana. He sharpened them every six months and never used them.

I just hoped we could get to my house before the zombies got to us.

The End

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