Katrina LowMature

I kept checking behind me and around as I walked through the survival store. I had one of the guns I'd picked up from Arnie's gunshop in my hand while the other was in it holster on my waist accompanied by two daggers. 

I was now looking for extra gear. I had enough bullets to get my self through a few days but food had vanished off the supermarket shelves to end up scattered over the streets. So instead I'd headed to a survival stored and grabbed loads of packet food along with a torch.

I had also seen a very nice machete which was now strapped to my back. It was a long sword to compensate for the small weapons. I wasn't going to pack heavy though. From what I'd seen people were getting caught in cars and dragged down cause they couldn't run fast enough. So I'd made the decision to pack light. 

Although, I honestly didn't know what was going on. People ran round with chunks of their body missing and blood dripping from their teeth. I felt... relieved I had no one to worry about.

My whole life had been moving around with my dad but for the last 3 years I'd been living on the streets. I also had problems. Making friends wasn't an option for me. I didn't like big groups and all that mattered to me was to train. I didn't even know if my training had any purpose once my dad died. I was going to follow in his footsteps but since his death I'd been more lost that I'd ever been.

It seemed now that my training hadn't all been in vein. I'd made it to the survival store without so much as a scratch. I was about to come out from behind the shelves when I heard the door open and a huge groan. 

Quietly I clicked off the safety of my gun and unsheathed a dagger with my spare hand. Taking a slow gentle breath I span out from the shelf and knocked my aim at the blood gushing freak at the front of the store.

I got a bullet to the shoulder which jerked him back but then he began running. I fired again and this time the bullet hit its mark. Straight through the head. I walked up to the quivering body then did another shot to the head before going back to grab my bag.

I made the decision to take the back door and after tugging on my backpack I made my way slowly out. The moment I stepped onto the back alley I heard the screaming. It wouldn't stop and it hurt my ears so I began to run.

A normal person would have either ran screaming themselves or have gone and been the hero. I would do neither because helping people was one of my faults. I didn't like people. I had social anxiety which stopped me from being the normal person but I also had training. Training that allowed me to gather from the screams that it was too late and my best survival chance was to run and head to a less crowded area.

So I did. It was a row of buisness towers and it was.... almost empty. There was the sound of smashing and a few screams but otherwise this was the most quiet part of town. I pick a building which wasn't the tallest but wasnt the smallest either and was glad to fine the door still open even if it had blood on it. I made my way to the second floor and kicked open a door to an office before closing it behind me.

I peaked out through the blinds just in time to see the sun set but also to see a group of about 10 or 11 people kicking the ass out of a group of zombies before taking a safe route it seemed through the drainage system. I closed the blinds then unrolled my mat setting up a blockage by the door before lying down to close my eyes.

Sleep was allowed to meet me for the first time in 2 days.

The End

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