Broken Smile [Rhubarb]Mature

"Alright people, that's time. Any longer and you'll be locked in here for the weekend."

I looked up from my textbook. There were only about five other people in the library, most of them cramming for the Biology exam on Monday. I suspected that the girl in the corner, called Sarah, wasn't as she was, like me, in top set for everything.

Me? I was there because I liked it.

The middle of the room was filled with honey coloured tables, and the shelves were somewhat mazelike if you didn't know your way around. I did, but then I spent a lot of time here.

Sarah got up, pushed her glasses up her nose and packed her stuff into her faux-leather shoulder bag. The strap looked like it was about to break and the seams would surely burst if she shoved any more books into it. She shouldered the bag and left with a purposeful stride. Her smug hint of a smile suggested she'd finished whatever she was doing well ahead of time.

I reached for my boots - I sat on my feet when studying, so shoes quickly became uncomfortable. They were heavy, army-style boots, thick soles, lace up black leather that reached almost to my knees. They weren't fashion boots, so they actually had to be laced up - no hidden zips or buttons. It was a pain, but I'd got used to it. I loved these boots.

I quickly tied them - as quickly as you can tie those sort of shoes - and pulled on my trench coat. Again, black. I liked black. It didn't stand out too much, let you blend in. I'm not sure why I tried to make my clothes blend in so much, since my short messy hair made me stand out like a beacon since I'd dyed it 'pillar box' red. I swung my shoulder bag across my chest and headed to the door.

The walk to the stairwell was short. I was five floors up, and the lift was only at the other end of the corridor, but I'd still walk.

I started down the stairs when I saw a person lying at the landing. Face down. In a pool of blood.

I stopped. What was going on? Perhaps I should run. I started slowly back up the stairs.

Then the person turned their head towards me. It was Sarah.

Her glasses were smashed, and the left side of her face was covered in a discoloured blue-purple-red bruise. Her brown hair was matted with blood. And half of her neck was missing.

Our eyes met, and that same smug smile appeared on her broken face.

I turned and ran. There was another set of stairs somewhere - teachers use only, but I didn't care. I didn't have a clue what had happened to Sarah, but she reminded me so strongly of a Reaver that I had stopped caring they were fictional. I would not hang around to meet the same fate.

I could hear someone behind me. It couldn't be Sarah. She was far too injured to move.


I was still running full pelt when something barrelled into me from the side and pulled me into the school lift. I screamed.

"Shush! We're safer in here," said whoever had dragged me into this metal box. They pressed a button and the doors shut.

The outside light disappeared and the enclosed steel coffin descended about ten metres, then stopped with a sudden jerk.

The doors did not reopen.

Oh, god no.

The End

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