The Years After.

This is my opinion on what Happened the years after the Battle of Hogwarts from the popular series Harry Potter written by JK Rowling. I DO NOT OWN THIS SERIES. THIS IS JUST AN EXERCISE I DID TO SEE HOW RUSTY MY WRITING IS GETTING.... Don't be gentile. Tell me what you think.

The years after the Great Battle Hogwarts were hard ones… for a while; the best young wizard school known to man was gone. Spell after spell was cast upon the grounds in the desperate struggles to rebuild Hogwarts to its greatness. It wasn’t until Hermione got her hands on the project until they discovered that against all their hard tries magic was not going to help them. It was undeniable; she truly was the brightest witch of her age. She wasn’t on school grounds for more than three days when she found the solution to the problem, no thanks to any of the newly homeless ghosts roaming castle grounds. It wasn’t long after the solution was found that Hermione had almost everyone she ever went to school with on board. Surprisingly, even Draco showed up. No one had seen or spoken to him since the battle, and boy did he look good.

It took six years for the building to be completely finished, but something still seemed wrong. No one could put their finger on it; even the ghosts floating around sensed it. It wasn’t just the fact that Harry, the boy who lived was the only one that didn’t show up.  As much as Ginny tried, she could not come up with a liable excuse for Harry’s absence. He was after all, one of the battle’s main contributors and many of the damages to the walls were Harry’s fault. This is what a lot of people thought, anyway. But George, Hermione, Ron, McGonagall, and Ginny truly knew and understood his reasons. Harry could not get over the fact that because of him so many died; as much as he tried to keep others out of the problem, all he seemed to do was hype them up more. 

No one could say that Harry didn’t have loyal friends, the battle was proof of that; but his main problem was losing the friendship that he never really knew that he had. The ‘evil’ Professor Snape had been on his side the whole time. How could he not know that; he was the bloody war’s leader after all?! Worst of all, when he did know Snape’s true nature all he did was sat there and watched him die. Why Harry let these problems trouble him for so many years no one knew. Recently his obsession had been ‘barrowing’ Hermione’s time turner in order to go back to those times; of course he stayed under the invisibility cloak. But that was for different reasons….

To keep building process down to the shortest time possible, Hermione had given strict orders of when breaks could be taken. Ginny took each of her breaks trying to convince Harry to join in on the building. Her struggles seem to have been wasted. But on the last day of building a noise could be heard From the right side of the castle hall… rushing to see what was going on Ron gasped as he stood in front of a newly build wall that hadn’t been there the previous week… Instantly, he knew who it was. He had used that cloak too many times to not know when it was around…

Sitting next to where he thought Harry to be, the only thing that he could say was “After all this time Harry?!”

Not to his surprise, Harry took off the cloak, realizing that he had been found. The two friends sat in their spots frozen for 15 minutes. The silence seemed to go on forever, but when Ron turned to console his friend, he caught a glimpse of Harry wiping the last tear from his eyes. Harry opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was “Always” and just like that, Harry was gone. No explanation was needed for what was going on in Harry’s mind because sitting behind where Harry was a sign that listed the names of all of the deceased and in big bold letters said:
“RIP to all of the brave souls who had their lives taken to save all of ours. In this very spot, the ringleader of them all, the bravest man anyone has ever known died. Severus Snape, you will forever be in our minds. And as for Fred Weasley… Mischief managed… Well sort of… I’m so sorry. –Harry James Potter.”

The End

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