Norvon: A faster paced.Mature

Luna looked stong ouside , but even I wasn't to sure what exactly was happening inside but she kept her composure. We all began to walk out of town , at walking pace , but I knew that the goverment will be onto us soon enough.  I put my arms around Luna's shoulder comfortingly, a small electric current connecting us. Her face lightened a little.

" I'm still here." I whisper in her ear.

" And I'm going to make sure it stays that way." Luna replies comes closer to me , as we walk down out of town.

She didn't have too though I lived on the streets long enough to know how to survive.Mars was catching up with the two younger girls , so I didn't bother to ask who those guys where, I'll ask later.

A while later by the look of the sun we had about six hours of sun left, and we where on some abandonned old highway, and I nearly forgot about shadow , but he popped out in our direct line of site.I got into a slighty defensive posture.

" Military squads are hunting us down here , Perhaps a quicker pace?"  I looked at Luna ,  she shook her head in confirmation, and we began to pick up the pace at a light jog but following shadow who had this uncanny way of crawling across the road and other obstacles it was creepy to watch.  Not fice minutes into our quicker pace though do I spot the military in the forests.  We all flatten ourselve on the ground.

" Luna , that planet of yours? Are we able to get there? If we fight we going to have a hard time getting away from them, here."  I say.

The End

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