Destiny: Why?Mature

I lean against a tree. Laurence is sitting on a bench, head in hands. Kitty's leaning against the back of the bench. This feels awkward. It's one of the most awkward silences in the history of forever. We've been like this since we got to the park.

"I hate this" Kitty says suddenly. Neither me or Laurence move. "I hate this. Yesterday you two were, like, best friends. Now you wont even be within a one metre radius of each other. Laurence, you keep shooting Destiny looks as if you're about to kill her. Dess, you look on the verge of tears!"

"I deserve it" I say at the same time Laurence says

"She deserves it"

"How do you deserve it? What can you have possibly done  deserve this?" she exclaims.

"I broke the biggest promise in the history of earth! That's what I did!" I exclaim back at her angrily.

"Well apologise then!"

"I have apologised!"

"Laurence. Can't you forgive her? It can't be that bad"

"It bloody well is!" Laurence shouts.

"Why? Why is it so bad that you have to hate her so much for telling someone she trusts?" Kitty demands. And then there's silence. "Well?" 

"It doesn't matter now. The promise is already broken" he says quietly. But, why is it so bad? I don't know. I never have. Maybe if I did know then I would have been more careful. But Laurence never told me the reason. Laurence walks off away from us.

The End

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