Luna: I don't think soMature

I don't know how the guy Tommy gets to Mars but he does. He spins her round with a knife to her throat. (Where the hell did that come from?)

"Mars you either kill her or you die?" Tommy whispers into Mars ear.

"I can hear you, you know. Also..... let go of my friend" I say putting out my palm. A force of air pulls the knife away then another throwing him back.

Mars turns quickly and creates a sort of rock cage around him from the earth. I walk up to her.

"You have to teach me that one" I say walking up to stand by Mars.

"Really easy, you sort of do a cage with you hands and consentrate on the earth" she says demonstrating againt putting another cage round the men approaching out of Tommy's orders.

"We should go" The shadow guy says.

"Sure..... you coming Mars" I ask looking at her.

"Of course" she says nodding. "Where's Rob?"

I stop walking and Norvon answers for me. "He died"

Norvon takes my hand in a firm grip but I shake my head and begin walking again.

"Moving on" I say calmly.

The End

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