Ve- No. The name's Mars:Mature

I have no idea what happened. One moment Roo and Lolly are by my sides the next they're gone. Vanished. The suited guys around look... hungry.

I stagger back, the earth shakes beneath my feet, I look dumbly down, Huh?

Run Mars. Just run. A voice orders in my head, Roo?

Yes, Roo's voice snaps. If you don't run those guys will kill you, okay? Now RUN!

Before I can lift a foot, all of the suited men - yes, all - pull their guns out and aim at me, Oh God. Oh God Oh God Oh God!

A fireball appears out of nowhere, connecting with a guards face. Oh?

"What the hell?" Tommy yells I just look at him; his frosty eyes meet with mine. Uh-oh.

"No, I think it should be: what the hell are you doing to Mars?" Mars, oh... Oh! They- they were right; I am these people they want to... to kill. Fuck.

Tommy smiles, his sharp teeth pointing out. Gross, my voice says in horror. Now how am I going to sleep? That face is going to give me nightmares. Thank you Tommy, Thank you so much.

"Thank you for identifying her, my precious."

"My precious? God Tommy, this isn't Lord of the Rings, y' know." I grin, my old self-coming back quicker and quicker.

"Shut up Mars, now you have one more chance. Kill Luna or die yourself." He puts it as simply as how to cut an orange.

"Well, that's a hard decision, isn't it?" I mutter turning to Luna, I make the earth shake.

"Mars..." she says, eyes confused. Oh relax, I think to her, I'm not gunna hurt you. It's all part of the plan... I smile, forcing the earth up like no other can, quickly I spin around forcing it at Tommy.

"Wrong choice, Marzipan. Wrong choice."

Oh well.

The End

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