Norvon: Screams, and..... Mars?Mature

It looked like the two younger girls had fun torturing mr Shadow.  I was glad that someone was giving the guy or thing a hard time. I looked back at Luna who now a had a smile on her face , I was glad she was smiling she seemed glum about robs sacrifice. As we entered the town I heard a girls voice scream. We all took off into the directions of the screams.  The earth began to shudder as we got closer.  I turn around the corner and there was Mars who had left a few days ago. She was surrounded by men in black suits.  They didn't look to comforting to be around.  One holds a gun up too shoot her.I fire a fire ball at his arm. The man begins to run around idiotically with his arm on fire.

" What the hell?" The man in the middle exclaims.

" No I think it should what the hell are you doing to Mars?" Luna says stepping out.

The man begins to smile. Something here wasn't right.

The End

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