Destiny: Going outMature

I sit with my head in my knees, breathing deeply. How could I be so stupid? Now one of the only friends I actually have in the world hates me. And I have no idea what the other one feels. The whole house is silent so when a key is put in the lock and the door opens, it sounds really loud. We were locked in. I see mum coming in through the door, courtesy of my powers, and she uses her power to see where I am. That's one of her powers. The other one is the ability to move objects. 

"Dess?" she says loudly. I look up. Kitty is sitting on the bed. She looks worried and confused. I wipe my eyes and get dressed quickly. Then, after making sure my hair is as tame as it can get, I teleport downstairs. Mum scrutinises me. "Have you been crying?"

"No" I lie. She shrugs. 

"Do you and your friends want lunch, or are you going somewhere?" she asks. I quickly think about this. 

"We're going out" I say. She nods and I teleport back to my room. "Kitty, we're going out." I say. She nods and grabs her bag. I put on a headband to keep my hair out of my face and put a hair band on my wrist in case it gets out of control. "Kitty, you tell Laurence. I just need to get some stuff" I go downstairs and grab my bag. I also grab three packets of crisps. When I come out of the kitchen, Laurence and Kitty are at the bottom of the stairs. Laurence has his eyes closed and is taking deep breaths. "Bye Mum!" I say and then walk out the door. Kitty and Laurence follow.

"Where are we going?" Kitty asks.

"The park" I say. "Kitty, hold Laurence's hand." she does. I hold her hand and teleport us to the park.

The End

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