Teaky : HA!Mature

I run over to the new guy, peek at his face, and transform into him.

"Hi Shadow." I say in my new voice. He looks at me then gasps, staring at me with a weird expression.

"Who the hell are you?" I turn and wink at Platiana, who grins back mischieviously.

"I'm Cool, your long lost twin." Shadow frowns at me. "You don't know? No....Don't tell me that.... what... they didn't tell you? Wait......"

I could see the town getting closer and the trees thinning out much more as I run over to Platiana, out of sight of Shadow, and turn her too into a clone of Shadow. Dragging her over to Shadow, I introduce him to him.

"Hey! Guess what? I've just found out, we're actually a triplet! Isn't that Cool?" I exclaim loudly, making Luna and Norvon turn to see what is going on. They grin as they see the confused Shadow and return chatting.

"Hey Cool, hey Shadow. I am Awesome." We see Shadow open and close his mouth like a goldfish with nothing coming out it.

The End

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