I looked at Laurence. I knew it. He knew... I tried to make polite conversation. He barely answered. I felt sick to my stomach. I sighed. I reached, like a finger, my powers. I winced. It felt as if he was either hurt or unconcous. I remembered yesterday, at the pub. It felt the same.

"What the..." I started. Laurence looked at me, and his look was... the same as what I felt. Hurting, angry, beyond thought. I would have whispered to Destiny but I remembered Laurence. He would know something was up.

I would tell her as soon as possible, then. I went to the kitchen, explaining that I wanted another piece of toast. I put a piece in the toaster, and making sure than Laurence was looking at the television, I took a piece of paper that was sitting there and a pen. I scribbled a hasty message.

Destiny, Laurence. What's with him? Using my powers, it feels like he's hurting, or unconcous. You didn't tell me this. Or did you not know? Don't act surprised, whatever you do. Please.    Kitty

I got my burnt piece of toast, and hid my note underneath it. I went back to the living room and let the not fall on Destiny. Laurence didn't notice. She looked down, reading it. She stirred, and the note fell on the floor. Again Laurence didn't notice.

"Maybe we should go for a walk or something." I suggested. Destiny shrugged.

"Sure. Laurence?"

"Okay." he still sounded stiff, and he still felt weird. I withdrew, as it hurt, even to me. He must have some freaky mind to be like that. I didn't understand, really.

"I'll grab my hat." Destiny said.

"I'll come with you." I said. Too obvious, I know. We went up the stairs.

"What?" Destiny asked me.

"It hurts- like he's either in pain or unconcious. I don't know what it means. It's... strange."

"I'd bet."

"What's strange?" Laurence came up the stairs. I shivered. This could not be good. Then, I decided to drop the pretence, despite the fact that it could be dangerous.

"Laurence, what's up?" It sounded innocent, but he heard the meaning. I swear he quite nearly growled. And for a moment, there was complete silence.

The End

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