There was a bad guy following but actually I almost totally forgot he was there when Norvons eyes turned to the flaming ones I first saw.

Consentrate Luna. I demanded myself.

I turn back to the shadowy guy who jumped out.

"My name is Shadow-"

"Figures" I mutter. Shadow scowls at me before continuing.

"- I am a Shadow and I'm here to help you" he finishes.

I look at Norvon whose eyes still burn amazingly and I can't but feel my heart leap. He looks at me.

"Lets see if he can" I whisper. He nods and turns back to Shadow.

"If you dare hurt or trick us I swear you will die" Norvon hisses. He takes my hand in a vice grip and Shadow smirks.

"Well, lets get moving" Shadow says walking off.

"Come on you two" I call to the girls.

The End

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