Destiny: Secret's OutMature

Me and Kitty sit on my sofa, eating toast that got burnt by my ancient toaster. What we happen to be watching at this particular moment is an absolutely positively ancient episode of EastEnders that must be rotting from how ancient it is. It's a replay episode that my mum watched in 2010. And even then it was old. OK, I think you get it now. I'm not watching it anyway. I don't think Kitty is either, it's on telly all the same. As I crunch my last rock solid piece of crust from my toast, I hear the stairs creak. Kitty looks at me at the same time I look at her. Her eyes are wide. Because we both know it can only be Laurence.

"Look normal" I whisper to Kitty.We turn our heads towards the TV, but our eyes are still glued to the door. The handle moves and I have to remind myself to breathe. The door opens and Laurence comes in. 

"You know this episode is old enough to be last night's episode's grandparent?" he says casually, as if nothings happened. Which makes me wonder. Did I just imagine the shadow under the door? No, it was too realistic to be imagined.

"Yeah. There's nothing else on" I say. "D'you want some toast?"

"Uhh" he eyes the blackened bread on Kitty's plate. "No thanks. Do you have cereal?"

"If you like Weetabix or Frosties that've been reduced to crumbs"

"Weetabix'll do" Laurence says and goes into the kitchen. Some clinking (probably from the bowls) and then Laurence comes back in with some Weetabix. He sits on the recliner chair. I turn my head back to the telly and Kitty picks up a pen and pretends to doodle absently on her hand. Then she rests the same hand on the sofa next to me. There's a message on it. Ask him. She then moves her hand back and scribbles it out.

"Uhh, Laurence?" I say. He looks at me. "What time did you wake up?"

"Around six, why?"

"Just wondered..." he woke up at six. Meaning that he could have been standing outside my door. 

"Did you hear us talking? Did we wake you up?" Kitty asks. I can tell she really doesn't trust him.

"I heard you talking, but I was already awake"

"Oh" I say too quickly before Kitty can ask anything that would make him suspicious, like 'what did you hear?' Laurence could have heard everything. And that wouldn't be so bad, I mean, all I told her was he saved my life, and asked her to respect him more. Wouldn't that be a good thing? Yes, it would, but I'd promised Laurence that I wouldn't tell anyone. I'd promised him that I wouldn't tell anyone ever. I've always wandered why he wanted that. But he had saved my life, and I still owe him. Now, I've just told the biggest secret ever, and Laurence has just worked out that I know he knows. There's silence while we all absorb this.

"Can we put something else on?" Laurence says stiffly. That's the first time I've heard him say something without being casual.Except when he was asking me to make a promise I just broke. I can tell he's really angry, and I'm so done for. Oh no. 

The End

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