Venus...Mars...Venus..Mar- VENUS!Mature

We catch up the these mystery guys, there were a lot of them, around ten of them in fact. My insticts to pull back kicked in, C'mon Mars, let's go.

Mars? Who's Mars?


No no no, I'm Venus.

No your not.

I AM! For Christ's sake, why am I arguing with my sub-concious? I am Venus, not Mars, you've got the wrong planet there!

Em runs up to one if the shorter ones, and practically pounces on him. I feel Lolly and Roo's quiet laughs behind me. I turn and raise my eyebrows at them, they laugh, I wander next to them.

A tall, slightly familiar guy looks at me. "Hello," his voice is seriously familiar, but I can't put a name to his - really good looking - face.

"Hey," I feel Roo nudge me forward slightly. I nudge her back into Lolly.

"Do... Do I know you? You remind me of a girl I knew." He says examining my face carfully.

"No, no I don't think so..."

"Oh right, I'm Ed." He holds out a hand to me. I take it, "Venus," I say. "This is Roo and Lolly."

"Hey," he nods to them. He looks at me again, "Are you sure I don't know you? I'm sure I knew someone with a name like planets."

"No, I don't know you, well I do now. Sort of."

"Haha, yeah. She took off on me though."


"Yeah," he motions for us to join the others.

The End

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