Norvon: Its a puppyMature

" OH MY GAWD!"  I just ignored the rest of it.

" Your puppy Idea was good till we found out they can't share." I murmered to Luna. 

She smiled.

" It sort of sad I was never allowed to be a kid after they killed my parents. Its something no kid should have to deal with." I said watching teak turn into an adult to out run Platiana. I laughed at the two running just to see who gets to hold it. 

" I lost my parents too , and my little brother." She said sadly

I look down staring at my hiking boots.

" Damm goverment thinks they can mess with people and not expect people to retalliate." I muttered.

Teaky and Platiana where still running around happily chasing after eachother. I felt bad for the puppy it was probably going to be sick soon.

I was about to say something when I heard something in the bushes on my left.

" Something following us." I said under my breath to Luna.

The End

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