Teaky : Puppy!Mature

I can clone! I'll never be alone again, yay! Platiana is holding the puppy, she won't let go of him, its not fair! We've decided to call him Hippy. He looks like a hippy, and its only one letter differnet from happy.

"Platiana...." I groan, "Let me hold him for a while, its not fair!"

"You'll get your turn, why don't you just make some of your own? Can't be that hard, can it?"

I suppose I can make puppies, but that just brings up a better idea. I bend down to tie my shoelaces, and wait for the others to keep walking ahead. Then I make a clone of myself, then I change her appearance. Catching up with the others, my clone follows me closely.

"Hey Plat! Look who's here!" I exclaim, Platiana turns around and her mouth falls open.

"OH MY GAWD! ROBERT PATTINSON!" I hold my hands over my ears as she screeches. She drops Hippy and I pick him up, grinning mad. Hippy licks my face and I just run my hand through his hair. Then, I take back my clone. Platiana storms towards me, her face red with fury.

"You....you... little son of a - " she starts to say.

"I'm a girl!" I reply, before running away to join Luna and Norvon in front.

The End

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