Mars/Venus: ForgettingMature

I swear, there was something I had to do. "Hey, V!" Emerald calls behind me.

"Yeah?" I turn.

"Wanna down town? We're all gunna see this old movie," she runs up to me, Lolly and Roo following.

"How old?"

"Fifty years, from way back in the nineteen eighties."

"Wow, that really is old."

"We....know...." Lolly says wheezing, cluching her throat.

"Lolly, breath in and out, let the air  get into your lungs," I say. You could help her, Mars.

Mars? Who's Mars. I think to myself, eyebrows meeting up in the middle.

"Thanks, V," Lolly recovers.

"No prob, what film are y'all watchin'?"

"Terminator." Roo says, patting Lolly back gently.

"Is it any good?"

"I think so, I don't know 'cause 'till now it's been banned by t' Government, y'know it bein' too violent 'n' all."

"Alright then," I grab my sholder bag and follow them out of the door. I've been working here for around two months now, the strangest thing is I don't remember anything from before; it's like it's all been wiped from my memory.

"Oh, and we're meeting up with some guys as well." Em says out of the blue, as we hop and truge through the muddy ground.

"Ok then," I raise my eyebrows at Lolly and Roo, who just shrug and pull each other through. "Who are we meeting?"

"Just some guys that came by yesterday, on your day off," Em starts to kick off her mud on her foot. "And by the way, we need to run."

"Why?" Lolly, Roo and I say in unison.

"'Cause we're already running late and we don't have enough time to get a taxi or whatever."

"Whatever? You mean like a hover cart?"

"Yes, like a hover cart. Now hurry up, we're already late!" She starts running.

"C'mon guys, Lolly remember, in-in, out-out." I say jogging backwards, Lolly nods and holding Roo's hand they run past me. I laugh, turn and run past them all, even Em who is running way ahead. "C'mon slow pokes, hurry up!"

"Yeah, not all of us are as fast as you, thank you very much!" Em says panting, "How are you a good runner anyhow?"

"Magic!" I laugh, spinning around.

"Your nuts!" Roo yells. I laugh again.

The End

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