Luna: No.....Mature

I walked slowly, my feet hitting the ground quietly. I looked behind me. Platiana and Teaky were laughing and talking but I saw that small glich of hope in Teaky's eyes.

I hope we find her mum, it will be whats good for her. I feel something grip my hand and look across at Norvon. I smile and move my arm so his foes across my shoulder but I'm still holding it.

"Luna and Norvon sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" They don't get any further.

"Ahh" they scream. I turn and smile at them.

"It's just a puppy" I say and they begin to laugh.

"Good one" Norvon whispers.

"Yeah, well it would have got annoying" I mutter.

"Luna can I keep it?" Teaky asks running up with the spaniel puppy.

"You'll have to feed it... but luckily I trained it when I created it so.... go ahead"

Teaky squeal with delight. She puts the puppy down and runs off with it on her heels.

"Sweet" Norvon mutters.

"We have 3 days till we hit the coast may as well entertain them with something"

The End

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