Norvon: The coast thenMature

She closed the door. It sounded like a fair plan to me. I scrambeled out of the bed grabbing my pack running after her.  I caught up to her. heading to the gym. Thinking how long can two people possibly run from the goverment or goverments, and bounty hunters. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind I was going to stay with her until I die. We open the gym doors and inside was two groups of clones one bein Plantiana`s and the others Teaky's.

`` What game are we playing here`` I ask

The two groups turn around.

" A game."  They all say at the same time.  It kinda hurt my ears.

" What.." I said then Luna cut me short

" We're going to the coast to look for Teaky's Mum. Platiana are you coming?"

" Yeah. Im coming." Platiana replied

" Okay to the coast then." I said grinning in anticipation of what's to come.


The End

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