Mars: Venus and a new lifeMature

I wake up early in the morning, my body aching like rain in hell. I roll over the double bed, rubbing my neck. Feeling like Garfield on a Monday. I glance at my watch, which I forgot to take off last night. 05:15.

Shit! I think jumping up and out of bed, leaping into the shower using some crappy shower gel and shampoo. I drag on my uniform, slightly more awake. I grab a breakfast bar and down some slightly out-of-date orange juice, shuddering afterwards, I make a 'Yah!' sound as I yawn.

I ruffle my hair, so that my hair looks slightly more acceptable, drag the 'sleep' out of the corners of my eyes. I run through the door, then back into the 'motel' grabbing my jacket and handbag. I jog out of the door again, locking it shut behind me.

"Mornin' wind, mornin' water, mornin' fire, mornin' earth," I say to the elements, they respond to me. The water sticks to my skin, the fire heats me up, the wind cools me, the earth smells fly into my nose. I giggle, my spirit rises, "Mornin' to you too spirit." My mood is happier, I skip to the little cafe by the forest road.

"Mornin' all!" I yell, the locals nod in my direction.

"Mornin' Venus, you're jolly this morning," Emerald remarks.

"Well, let's just say it finally feels like the world's on myside today," I laugh. I wrap my apron around my waist. I turn to the locals, "Want a cuppa, Dave, Paul?"

"Sure, luv. I could murder a good cuppa."

I laugh, "Oi, Em. Put the kettle on!"

"Do it ya self, y' lazy mare." she responds, flipping some pancakes in the pan.

"Some mate you are." I say scarcastically, she smiles, I hear Dave and Paul laugh behind me.

The End

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