Luna: BrokenMature

My heart cracks.

He.... he's gone. I stand up more like a zombie and walk out of the room slowly.

"Luna" I turn my head to see Norvon and I snap. I begin to cry and fall to my knees sobbing uncontrolably into my hands.

He can't be gone... He can't be. I feel arms around me and see Norvon's hesitant expression.

"I just want a normal life" I choke out leaning into him.

"Shh... Let's get you to your room" he mutters. I nod and get painfully to my feet. I walk slowly and quietly with Norvon's arm around my shoulders... the only thing I'm certain is real.

"What's the matter?" Norvon says he closes the door and joins me to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Rob's gone" I choke out burying my face in my knees.

"I'm sorry" he mutters slightly shocked and sad at the same time.

"It's my fault..... I should have just stayed hidden" I mutter. I feel like my whole body's gone cold and that my hearts been yanked from my chest.

"It's not your fault" Norvon whispers and I feel his hand against my cheak bringing slight warmth to my body. I look up at him and see his conserned expression.... all for me.

I lean in and kiss him. Its like on the roof an electrically current bringing us closer and giving warmth to my cold heart.

I wrap my arms around his neck gripping to him like a life line.

The End

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