Destiny: A Promise to KeepMature

I promised I would tell Kitty. I never break promises. Kitty shared my room last night. Laurence had Eric's as Eric sneaked out and didn't come back. He probably stayed at his friends house. I'm dreading when he comes back, I'm going to make a point of going out before he does.

"Destiny?" Kitty whispers. I open my eyes, I've been awake since half five. It's now eight. "Destiny, are you awake?"

"Yeah" I say. I know she's dying to ask "Go on, ask away"

"How do you know Laurence? I mean, you act like you're long lost friends or something. And, no offence, but I just can't imagine you being friends with someone like him" she says as politely as she can manage.

"Well, for a start, please try to be more quiet. He could be hearing everything we're saying" I whisper. She nods. "Come and sit on my bed"

"OK" she sits on the bed. I wrap my arms around my legs, I've never told anyone this before.

"Well..." I don't know how to start. "Uhhmm... you know this scar?" I run my finger down the scar that goes from my ear, right down to my shoulder.


"I should have died from it, you know" Kitty's eyes widen. I take a deep breath. "Laurence... Laurence saved my life"

"Oh" she says absently. "So... when... you were in hospital... all the doctors and nurses were baffled as to how you could have lived with an injury that big. It was because Laurence saved you"

"Hmm. I owe Laurence my life Kitty. Please, at least try, to treat him with a little bit more respect than you have been" I say. I then realize that the house is unusually quiet. Too quiet, in fact. I know that mum's at work. Dad normally goes somewhere in the morning. Eric's not back yet. But surely, if Laurence is asleep, there would still be some noise. Like the bed creaking or something. "So Kitty, how about breakfast?" I say a little more loudly than necessary. A shadow moves from under my bedroom door. No way. He can't have been listening. He wouldn't have. Would he? Kitty notices too and is suddenly eager to have breakfast. We go downstairs, there's no one there. I pop some bread into the ancient toaster and go into the front room. I'd say we have about ten minutes before the toast pops up. I throw the remote control to Kitty and she flicks through the channels pointlessly. There's nothing on so we settle for watching an episode of Spongebob that's even more ancient than my toaster.

The End

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