Rob: Final GoodbyeMature

I finally found her. My mind was made up, I spoke her name softly.

"I'm sorry I came, but I am not sorry for helping nor for loving you, but I'm going to make this easier for you."

She stared at me, I could not process anything, or think.

"Don't leave," she pleaded.

"No, I must, I'm going, I'm blocking my thoughts and making myself untraceable. You will never know where I am nor what I have done, it will be like I never existed," my voice was toneless. It was tough shielding yourself from everyone and yourself at the same time, "just promise me you will be happy and safe with him."

That was it, I don't know what happened in that final goodbye, my powers took over and I blacked out only to awaken to see myself flying automatically.

I found Mark's base of operations, I had phased out and entered the very center of the building. I could sense his presence amongst the majority of his dogs and elites.

I phased in and sensed they were all around me. If I wasn't going to have her there was no point in living.

I could feel a terrible burning within me, after I had mixed my powers with Luna's it had awakened my potential and with effort I was keeping it locked in. If I let it all out at once I would die.

So I did.

My potential erupted from my body sending powerful energy crashing outwards in a dreadful nova. It connected with something flammable in the building that sent of a chain reaction of eruptions all across the complex.

I'm no hero, just a coward really.

The eruptions evaporated everyone inside, annhialating them.

The End

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