Norvon: Aw crap.Mature

" You." He growled at me.  I began to reach for whatever was left of my energy after fighting off nearly twenty man and a fully capable Physichic. 

" Hey man."  I said ready to throw a wall of flames.

Too late as a fist connected with my chin I fell to the shingles on the roof. where the roof ended was only couple feet aways. Is he serious about this? If so no kiddy play like walls of flame.  He picks me up by the collar I began to burn hotter. He didn't seem to mind the heat.  He flung me back down again. I created 3 balls of flame to atleast keep him busy they bounced off of him and absorbed back into. I tried a smaller pillar of flames knocking him backwards.  I was going to knock him out with the next shot luckily for him Luna shouted.

" Stop."  Power eminated over both of us and it was momentarily hard to move.

" Your not making this any easier. I can't think." Then she ran off crying.

" I'm sorry."  Rob and I said in unision.

" We 've got bigger things to worry about." He said And I nodded. Under any other circumstance I think this guy would get along with me fine.

" I could have taken you." I joked smiling , and he half laughed. I'm not sure if he took it as joke though.

I didn't have any resolve to fight this guy until he nearly knocked me off the building. Crap I would have moved outta the way. Yeah it surprising I don't want to fight.  Now the fight made things worse. I beat my head on the wall if i freakin avoided instead of fought. What would have happened? I went downstair and grabbed my bag and waited for the others to come down ready for todays travels.  I laid down on the lobby couch. I didn't notice how tired I was until I started nodding off, I tried to fight it off but eventually I fell asleep. I hope she forgave me and better yet both of us.

The End

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