Luna: HurtMature

I felt terrible. I locked myself in the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat crying.

My heart was lurching and yanking in my chest. It hurt so much.... Why couldn't only one have come along?

I mean I've lived half of my life alone then at almost the exact same moment two guys I liked jumped into my life.

First Norvon. I don't know how to explain it every look sends my brain into melt down and all I feel is love in my heart. Then that strange shock that keeps pulling us together.

Then Rob. He wants to keep me safe. He's known about me since he was a little boy and all I can see in his eyes in loyalty that could so easily be used. But I wouldn't dare he just really cared about me and that first kiss.....

Well I could easily say the same about Norvon.

I scream and kick out angrily before pulling my knees back to my chest.

I hate boys. There so complicated.

I hate Love and all this running, I think everything is just out to get me.

I pull a locket out from under my shirt and open it revealing a picture of my dead brother......

I miss him so much. I tear escapes my eye. And they killed him and my parents to get to me..... He was only four and even though I don't remember my parents death...... I still remember that scream.

I shove the locket back under my t-shirt and sit quietly. I'll have to make a desision sooner or later..... but for now I need to keep running.

The End

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