Rob: FightMature

My jaw clenched when I saw them, how could she play me like this? How could she claw at my heart then leave it in tatters?

And him…

I ran at him, forgetting my powers.

“Hey man-“he warned, his eyes beginning to glow red.

I slugged him in the chin watching him fall to the ground. He groaned as I grabbed his collar, a small smile as my hand began to burn, the skin searing hot. I lifted my hand and pushed him with force to the ground. Clutching his stomach he threw three balls of fire in retaliation. I pushed them back at him, they hit him but a column of fire uppercut me.

All this took seconds.

“STOP!” Luna roared, her blue eyes glowing as she held out her hands. I couldn’t move. She was crying now, rubbing a tear from her eye, “you’re not making this any easier for me, I can’t think I need space!” she shouted running away.

Whatever it was released and Norvon and I stood up.

“I’m sorry,” we said.

“This is stupid, she’s right, theres bigger problems right now,” I muttered. He nodded as I walked back inside.

He stayed there looking at the sky.

“I totally could have taken you,” he smiled and I half laughed.

This had to stop.

The End

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