I run back to the little motor way 'motel' and creep in. I shake my wet hair, I've been gloomy recently, and my mood decided to make it rain... Oh the joy. I pick up a glass and fill it with water; I just sit on the lumpy bed, starring at the water. Watching it as it slowly evaporates in the hand.

Being on my own isn't the same as it once was. It's, well, it's boreing, dull, nothing to do. I just work down the road in a off licence, selling enough alcohol to kill the locals. I'm not allowed to advise them otherwise, it sucks to be honest.

I decided to ditch my mobile, change my apperance. I now have a little red bob - I did try to dye it, but it didn't work. The red just came back, again and again. If it was in any other world I would probably find it funny, or even a couple of months ago. Not now though, I've changed too much.

I hate Tommy, he can try and find me if he wants; he can kill me too, I don't perticuarlly care. I'm not going back, I'm not going to... to kill for him.


The water forms into a huge bubble and pops in my face. Dispite myself, I laugh. I place the glass down, and crawl into bed. Sure, it's only seven o'clock, but to be honest. I'm too tierd to care.

The End

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