Luna: Talk......Mature

"No, you don't have to go" I mutter turning back to look at the sky.

He walks across the roof and sits down. "Shouldn't we be heading off soon?" he asks.

"I usually do but... I want a slight peaceful time.... I have a lot of things on my mind" I pull my knees to my chest resting my chin on them.

"Like what?" he asks. Oh crap, wrong words to have said.

"Umm, personal things" I mutter feeling my cheeks go red. I bury my face in my knees.

"Oh, sorry I didn't mean to up set you" he mutters.

"You didn't" I say looking across at him. He shifts nervously and we just look at each other.

Seems weird I know but I don't care, his dull orange eyes while slightly boring compared to the colour when he uses his powers pull at something inside me.

I lean forward just as he does and our lips meet. It soft at first but then slowly I wrap my arms around his neck while his go round my waist. The weird shock goes through me but it seems to pull us only closer.

The End

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