Norvon: I want ta go.Mature

I was being impatient I wanted to get going. I sat in the lubby tapping my foot trying to keep myself entertained. I knew no one was going to for while so why don't I do something else? Because I there isn't much to talk about and i'm horrble with small talk. eventually though I just moved from the lobby and went exploring. The looked small from looking at the enterance but it was a pretty decent size when your inside. I passed Robs room he had marbles all over the floor.

I bit my tounge down to stop myself from saying. Have you lost your marbles. The sun was a little above the horizon now. It would be nice to see from the roof than this window I thought.  I swung my hiking bag on my back voilenty and went off to the roof.  I opened up the hatch like door. Luna was sitting there watching the sun rise.  She looked like she wanted to be alone.

" Sorry." I say quietly

The End

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