Rob: ReconstructionMature

I sat on my own in my room. I'd seen them come in together, I admit I was a little jealous but I couldn;t let that get in the way, there were things to do.

As I sat down on the bed thinking, the marbles continued to orbit around me. I loved that, they were like mini bullets, I was so used to them I always knew where they were.

But as they span mor and more frantically they began to change shape. I looked for Luna but she wasn't there. The marbles fell, pinging of the walls creating little dents and holes. I forced them to come in front of me and concentrated really hard on one. The shape began to change, like a glass dart. I changed more shapes, squares and hexagons. I pushed them all together creating one ball of glass and moved it to look like a diamond. What the hell was this? Some sort of reconstruction skill? why was this happening, gaining more abilities, it felt wrong.

Maybe it was the danger, pulling the potential out of us. Maybe it's what happens as you get older, your powers mature and you get stronger.

I focused too long on a marble and it began to melt. "Shit!" I shouted a little to loud and picked it up. I heard the door open as all the marbles began to melt and the room shook a little. What the hell is happening?

The End

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