Norvon: A littleMature

Luna I could have sworn came out nowhere , she startled me as she landed in front me crawlin to get to my bag. 

"Don't worry me like that." She said.

At first i felt what then I felt badly about it. I wanted to say I'm fine just my shattered knee. But she already noticed and healed it.  she also removed the handcuffs and helped me up. The current agian before we created another implosion we let go.

" It happened agian."  I looked for answers in my hand.

" Hurry up we're heading back to the hotel." She started to head back but then turned around , and apoligized about being angry. That wasn't anger.

"Its okay."  I say

It was almost a little wierd we just kissed. She pulled back and looked guilty And I stood there stupidly lookin confused. 

"Urrr, Lets get to the hotel." I say awkardly. 

trying to figure out why she seemed guilty. When we reached the hotel Rob gave me a nasty scowl. What was that for? Shit I know exactly what its for.    

The End

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