Luna: UhhMature

I jumped in front of Norvon and he yelled. I heal his knee.

"Don't worry me like that" I mutter. He looks confused then guilty.

"I was going to get some med supplies" he mutters.

"You don't need them" I say standing up and helping him to his feet. A current goes through my arm and I let go almost instantly when he's standing.

"It happened again" Norvon mutters looking at his hand.

"We need to get back to the hotel" I mutter. "Come one"

Uhh, complication once again. I turn my head and look at Norvon.

Maybe I did give him a bit much of a hard time in the healing department.

"Sorry about being angry about healing you all" I mutter.

"It's okay" he mutters. I turn to him and he stops facing me. Then we kiss, only our lips touch and it's a quick one but it felt right......

Great, that's even worse I've kissed them both and still don't know which one I like.

The End

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