Norvon: Near CaptureMature

When I was in firing range they opened fire. Ediots too far powers are the only way to go. I thought to my self I made a whisp of flame blocking there vision of me. The next they saw of me was me  knocking out on of the soldiers with the but of his gun.  The trigger happy idiots shot they'r own man to get me.

I rolled out of the way countereing with a massive pillar of flames engulfing the men and burning to the extent that the ashes would be hard to find.  The remaining men wanted to retreat. they began to covering fire for eachother before a stern man with a black jacket ordered them different. Another volley of bullets came for me one cliping my hand.  I ignored tha pain and a feeble attempt of a wall of flame at them to distract them temporarily.

" Stop. I want to fight him one on one no weapons." The man with the black jacket orders absorbing my attempt at distraction.  

One of the men try to protest the order. " Colonel Horsivic we can deal with him." 

The colonel responded by sending the man flying backwards with a hole in his chest.

" First off it's insulting someone at his level not to give him a fair fight with our powers. Second none of you could contend with your own power except for me. So unless you want to die now. I insist you shoot him."  The colonel said.

No one else questioned him.

" Good. Now Norvon Let me warn you I know your every ability , and move. You don't know mine. So I'll tell you mine.  I can copy your ability to a qaurter of it's true potential but some such as Luna , Or Mark I can't copy. The power is too vast and not simplified. Your however your is simplified but vast. My other power is simple any flesh I touch I turn to momentum. Not only ridding you of vital organs but sending you flying." He said.

This man had a good sense of honor but something was fishy.

" Are you done or are you going to tell me you can bore people to death." I replied. 

He laughed. So I guess the fight was on.  He attempted a pillar of flames but it failed. He had a look of worry when  I showed him the real thing. He barely dodges it. perfect posistion for my next attack. He was pinned on the base of a hill.  I barraged him with fire balls he began to panic knowing copying my power was a bad idea.  He took a few to his shoulder and  stomach. He was lucky they didn't burn through him. He stopped the flames with water. I was little surprised to find out he could copy more than one power at a time.

" I can hold up to 4 powers at a time before the next power is overwritten. Luckily for me I copied a water ability." He explained.  

" Stop boring me." I yawned.

I pressed my hands into the ground and torched a 2o meter circle of ground. The ground burned instantly as the flames rose.

A wave of water rose to smother my flames. I don't think so this is beyond boiling tempeture for water. As I waved my hands in the direction of water and boiled it away.  The colonel then apeared behind me ready to have another wave to drown me. I turned and equal force wave of flame collided with water both cancelling eachother out.  In the steam he shot out trying to hit me. But I disuade him as I more flames close in on him. He backs off.

" Screw this. Shoot him." He ordered.

He was planning this all along I knew something was up. I tried to avoid the bullets but it was to late. A bullet exploded out of my knee along with bones and blood. Shit luckily that was the only one that hit me but that one injury was going to make walking quite a task. With my left leg I rolled of the way. Its time I ended this fight.

More flames gathered around me as I readied to guide the flames to incenerate the rest of them.

" This ends here Norvon." The colonel proclaims. As I take another bullet through the shoulder. I wince at the pain. The flames dispersed. The men instantly move on me with handcuffs.

" We've got you." They say as my hands where clamped inside the cuffs. 

" Ediots your supposed to hit me with a general aneasthetic then cuff me." I pointed out angrily burning them to they're screams became popping of their own bodily fluids boiling. 

" Your  powers must formidable. The material on the cuffs are supposed to weaken or dampen physcic abilities." The Colonel backed away in fear.

No its not compared to most of the people I've met latley. I thought to myself.

" It only works on the weak ones." I say burning him next to a crisp. 

Then the loss of blood hit and i collapsed to the ground. THEN sickness of the lives I took made me barf. I rolled  away from the barf. I couldn't stand My shattered Knee wouldn't allow me.

" Boy that was close to capture." I said out allowed looking at my hands still cuffed. Too close to my liking.  I sit up My bag with some med supplies was a long crawl.  But I didn't want to wait for Luna to come and Say You boys are getting more in the way then helping by constantly injuring your self.  I gather the bone fragments of my knee  and headed to the bag.

The End

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