I hear a huge bang, then a lot of swearing and then slamming of doors, some muttered sorrys and running. I laugh under my breath, the girls unsurprisingly slept through the whole ordeal.

I walk to the window again, no little people anymore. I sigh, glancing to the girls. I place my hand on the bricked wall, I ask the earth to protect them. Then I sneak out of the window  for some fresh air. This world of working with others is really odd, I mean, c'mon after practically a life time of loneliness this was a big change.

The wind is quite and soothing on my skin, I step out onto the air, letting myself land on a cloud of wind. The wind around me levates me and I'm at peace once again. I feel a breezy smile on my face, my mind still concentrating.

"EVERYBODY'S SCREAMING, WE'RE ONLY BLEEDING, WHOA WHOA WHOA!" My phone makes me jump three foot into the air, loosing all my concentration as I crash into the ground. Damn you classical music! I roll as I hit the ground, the roll breaking the fall.

"Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck!" I say under my breath as I heave myself up. I look at my bloody arms, "Fuck!" I rearrange my blones in my leg, pushing my knee bone back into place. "Wind," I start. I hear the wind sigh and it wraps its self around me, using the water in it, it heals me.

"Thank you," I whisper. The wind just brushes past my cheek in response. I remember my phone, so I pick it from my pocket glancing at it's now cracked screen.


"No shit Sherlock," I mutter under my breath. "EVERY-" I click answer, I really do love my OAP of a mobile.

"Hello," I breath into the reciver, as I wander around the court yard. "Who is it?"

"Aww, forgot about me already?" A familiar, hair rasing voice says.

"Of course not, Tommy." I shudder.

"Good, that means you remember what you have to do."

"Err, yeah... About that..."

"Don't tell me you've forgotten." He warns.


"You little bitch, I can't believe you've forgotten! I could kill you, y'know."


"Good, if you forget again..."

"I know, you'll think and I die."

"That's right, sweatheart." I grit my teeth.

"What do you want then?" I say examoning my nails.

"Don't you talk to me in that tone! I WANT YOU TO KILL 'LUNA'!" He screams down the phone, making me pull it away. "And I expect it done by next week, goodbye."

He hangs up.

My chest heaves, I pull my arm back and fling the crappy phone against the wall. I fall down and start to cry, not little tears but full blown water works.

Ten minutes later

I finally calm down, having made my disision. I push myself up and walk to the hotel, sniffling. I approch the door...

I grit my teeth, raise my hand to the building, muttering my spells. The hotel shakes with force, my hand cirles into a claw as the building shakes more. The foundations lift a foot into the air, I grit my teeth and mutter my final words.

I release the building, and it floats to the earth. "I'm sorry, I tried, I really did." I whisper to the building, hoping someone would hear.

I turn and run, I run like I  have never run before. I run past my aching stich. I run past armys of people. I run for hours, days, nights, weeks, months. Never stopping.







I hope the protection spells worked. I really do.

The End

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