Norvon: Sorry for what?Mature

I was tired so I just holding my head then Luna came along. She froze for a second and muttered " Sorry." and turned off up the stairs. 

Sorry for what? I wanted to ask but she was gone by then.  I'm inexperience with this stuff. I turned to look out the window the cleansing was nearly done.  In the distance I could see a squad mobilizing for another assualt and I'm sure the others had noticed too.  I went downstairs  to see Rob sitting in Luna's room. A small fire appeared in my hand. "Damm jealousy." I thought turning in the other direction.

So it looks like we both of want Luna. Great. I fumed somewhere else.  I contiued walking around in circles. " This is immature." I said out loud.

I return to my foyer and looked outside the Landscape was begining to cool down from the cleansing.  I saw helicopter landing not far our with soldiers with cold suits.

" Time to go." I said to myeslf reaching for my bag. 

The heat wouldn't affect me so I went out to fight them solo. But one important thing I didn't do was tell the others I was going out to fight the soldiers.

The End

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