Luna: KissMature

I kissed him then. At first he was shocked and I didn't know what he would do at first but he kissed me back.

I wrapped my arms round his neck and then I slowly pull back.

"Wow" Rob whispers. I pull back and blush bright red.

"I'm sorry" I mutter looking hard at the floor.

"Don't be" he whispers lifting my chin up. He lean down and kissed my softly before resting his head against mine and our eyes stayed closed.

Then Norvon comes to my mind. I pull away and stand up. "I need some air"

I run out of the room and up to the roof. I sit down folding into myself.

Oh, for fuck's sake..... I can't make up my mind of who I love. When every I think of Norvon..... well, it makes my heart race and all I want to do is not let anyone hurt him.

Then when ever I'm with Rob....... he seems to be the only one I can see and then he seems to want to keep me safe.

Uh, which do I actually love?

I see the sky begin to lighten and get up moving back inside. I'll just sit in the foyer, I can't talk to anyone right now.

I then freeze finding Norvon sitting in the foyer his head in his hands. He looks up and my heart thumps.

"Sorry" I mutter then run off upstairs to find Thoth.

The End

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