Rob: Still TalkingMature

It felt good using my powers in combination with her, like we were connecting on a deeper level that only psychic people could do, at the same time it felt good talking, talking about things I didn't share with anybody. The more I knew the more I wanted to stay.

She chatted for a while about what her life was like before she met the group. About the running and fighting. I wished I could go back in time to protect her but then she would never have met me, and I couldn't have that. I sat next to her on the bed as the sun moved across the sky, one arm over her shoulder. We just talked for ages, sharing things about out past, about what we wanted. It was nothing short of epic.

I hadn't realised that our little galaxy was slowly becoming our big universe as more marbles appeared out of my pocket, each with unique shapes and colours and sizes with rings and bands. It was beautiful but tiring.

"You know we really should get some sleep," I laughed and she giggled too, "If you want I can sleep with you, you know, for body heat and that," I blushed a little and realised how pervy that sounded, I couldn't believe I asked that. She raised her eyebrows, "or not, whatever makes you comfortable."

The End

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