Rob: TalkingMature

Maybe staying was a bad idea. I didn't expect to get so involved with this but she kept pulling me in. Everyone left to sleep. I saw her cast Norvon a look of longing. She looked at me, annoyed and pulled the sheets above her head.

"You're right," I said to the air, "you're not my angel, you're more, you are my hope, my dreams, everything I've wanted since the stories I heard. I'm sorry about this but, maybe I should go," I turned to see if she had submerged. I should be so lucky. I pulled a bag of marbles from my pocket and placed them on the floor. Immediately they were levitating, the largest in the centre. I had each revolve around it, orbiting and rotating as they moved like our sun. Suddenly the largest began to glow yellow.

"What..?" I stared at Luna who was helping me. the others began to look like planets.

"Why do you have marbles?" she asked confused.

"My parents left them with me when they abandoned me."

"Oh..." she muttered, "sorry," she cringed.

"It was a long time ago," I muttered.

The End

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