Luna: God, I'm not your personal AngelMature

I jump to the window and see Rob fall. I shot a hand out and a psychic rope wraps round him. I yank him back inside and lay him down.

"God, I'm not your personal Angel" I mutter healing his wounds. "Boys are always so hot headed"

I get up and fix the place.

"Now, listen we can't leave the hotel cause off sunrise so we'll just have to cope till then" Everyone nods and I drop myself into a chair. "I'm tired"

Rob gets up shaking his head and looks at me. Worry fills his face along with protectiveness. "Right, everyone out she needs sleep" he says gesturing them out.

I look at Norvon just as he leaves and feel my heart lurch at the love there.

"Are you okay?" Rob says kneeling down next to me.

"I'm fine, and I don't know if you heard me.... but stop being reckless I'm not a fucking Angel"

The End

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