Rob: RecklessMature

"The bastards aint attacking us and getting away with it!" I roared as I stared at Luna's wet face, I had to help them now!

As they ran to find each other I covered myself with a telekinetic shield and burst out a window.

"Holy mother-" I felt waves of heat blast me, it was crushing my shield. In anger and adrenaline I kept it secure and saw the perpetrator. A huge helicopter with rockets pointing at me. The pilot frowned as he saw me survive.

Four missiles came careering at me. Raising my arms the missiles collided with each other, blowing up right in front of me sending a nova of kinetic energy. I felt charged. With my energy keeping me levitated I pulled out my gun and pointed it at the window. One shot cracked the glass and struck the pilot in the eye. Another helicopter came around the building.

I grabbed the first telekinetically and pushed it into the second, the collision causing a devastating explosion.

But there were more in the distance and my defence was failing. I rushed to get back in. I was a metre away from the window when the shield failed and the lightning of Luna's defence struck me. I was burning up, dying yet again, but this time I wasn't ready, so reckless. I will survive.

The End

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