Luna: BoomMature

I brush the rubble off me as I stand. Okay, I didn't expect a missile. I create a physical shield and fix the wall then turn to look for Norvon.

I find him and gasp my eyes going wide. I force my palms out and the rock that was on top of him turns to dust.

I run over cleaning any rumble from the room as I go subconciously.... talk about multi tasking.

I notice the large gash in Norvon's chest and quickly heal it.

His eyes flicker then open.

"Luna" he croaks out. "The missile?"

"All taken care of" I tell him.

"You're crying" he whispers. I reach up to my cheek finding wetness there. Why didn't I feel the wet tears that are slowly sliding down my cheeks.

The door burst open. Rob runs in first.

"Are you alright?" he asks kneeling next to me. I'm not sure who he directed the question at.

"Everythings fine now.... I just didn't think they would use brutal force"

Rob looks at me protectiveness in his eyes and something glows inside me. I turn to look back at Norvon whose breathinf heavily..... Then it dawns on me.

Crap, I'm in love with two men and they both like me back.

The End

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