Norvon: MissilesMature

" Um.  How it happened." But before I could explian incoming Missiles barraged the building. For an instance I was standing in front of Luna and the next second I'm buried under a pile of rubble. I think I was pinned under a slab of concrete but I wasn't sure.  

" Hey anyone free to give me a hand?" I shouted out only to find out that concrete was only going deflect whatever I say back at me.

" Shit." 

I wonder what happened to Luna? Was she stuck undersomething too? I tried to squirm my way out of being pinned it was no use.  I guess I was lucky enough not have anything broken.  I had to get free. If I tried to blast my way out of here with fire chances are I burn myself Via semi pressure cooker.  Damm.  I hope everyone else was just fine.

The End

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