Luna: ShieldMature

Everyone gathers in the room and I have a small clue why.

"Why is everyone meant to come in here?" Norvon asks coming up to me. I feel tension coming from him...... I wonder what I did wrong.

"Cause Mars told everyone to" I mutter.

"Why?" Just then Mars walks in. I rub my forehead.

"Ask her yourself" I mutter. He turns to talk to her and my assumptions turn out correct.

"Don't worry they won't get pass the window" I mutter.

"Why?" Rob asks.

"Cause every entrance is -" Just then a scream pierces the night and fear appears on everyones faces.

"- is electrified from the outside" I finish.

"Oh, thanks for telling us" Mars say furious.

"Well, I did it automatically that's what I do when its close to sun rise" I say shrugging.

"Well, we can all return to our rooms then" Thoth says standing up.

"Um, Rob go with Thoth I need to talk to Norvon for a sec" Rob at first looks confused then nods and leaves with everyone else.

"You wanted to talk" I say looking up at him.

"Um, yeah.... about what happened with that thing.... you know" he stutters looking away embarassed.

"The falling thing?" He nods and I feel slightly nervous myself.  "What about it do you want to talk about?"

The End

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