Mars: You have to be kidding me, do they ever rest?Mature

Teaky and Platiana sleep quickly, I pace the room. I hate not being able to sleep, I go and take a shower after, instead of dressing in some random Pjs I get dressed in my normal clothes. Don't ask why, I just did. I pick up my knife, sliding it into a holster. I sigh, letting my long hair hang, pinging my bands around my wrist.


My head shoots up, and I practically leap out of the bathroom. The girls are still asleep, I cauciously take out my knife as I walk to the window. I duck next to the window lifting the curtains with my knife, and peek outside.

From up here in the window, they look tiny. But they are there all right. We're the only ones on this side, so I can't bang on the wall. They climb the side of the bricks, I lift my hand, lowering it slowly so the wind forces some down lightly. They look up and I jump back, out of the way.

I creep quickly over to the girls' bed and shake them softly awake. "Wa-wh... what are you doin'?" Teaky asks rolling over. Paltiana lifts herself up shaking her head.

"Waking you up, quickly." I say, packing their clothes into a small bag throwing dressing gowns over to them.

They quickly get up, dragging the dressing gowns over themselves. We creep out of the room, "Run to Luna's room, make sure Norvon and Thoth are there too!"

"Ok," they say running off. I glance quickly around the room, I see the only picture of myself and my family on a chair. I run to it and in a random girly moment I hug it. I see shadows in the window, Crap! Wind, come to me, please. Blow these creeps away - discretly of course.

The shadows fall, and I run out of the door, shutting it softly behind me. I run to Luna's room, Teaky and Paltiana are they're, wrapped up in a towel. That once unconcious man is now concious, Well observed Smart Arse, I think to myself. Norvon and Luna are talking, non-unconcious man is glancing around the room, Thoth looks zooned out.

"Mars, what the hell are Paltiana and Teaky in here?" Norvon asks, his face showing annoyance.

"Because, there are men creeping up the side of our room, and I really don't think that room is partically safe. Do you?"

"No," he says, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Well then." I say.

The End

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