" So exactly we letting the Maniac younger brother who seems to fight anything that moves, Travel with us."  Thoth blurts. My anger relights itself really fast.

" First off I was going to leave but she stopped." I replied to is stupid comment.

" I wasn't asking you that." Thoth say.

"grr." I said under my breath.

Before I could stop my self my fist went flying through the air hitting Thoth in the face. The guy obivously isn't a proffesional fighter as he tried to predict what I would do next. He expected me to kick him, but instead I pick him off the ground and threw him into the mud.

" Thats enough!" Luna says, " God You guys are like toddlers. How Are plantiana , and Teaky to get a good impression of you two."

" Proves my point." Thoth says so quietly enough that only I could hear.

I just turned off. 

" He isn't my brother hell he not even like us." I say

We get to another hotel before we get incenerated by the cleanser.  Me and Thoth end up sharing room. I know sorta sulky but I decide I would be better off somewhere else. I start drawing little symbols on the concrete stair well most of them ment fire in a long forgotten language. I then put flames along the symbols this really wasn't helpful in anyway but it got mind off things.  One of the symbols I drew was electricity I went to outline with fire but I only got an implosion. Like the earlier one that happened  between Luna , and I.  Which reminded me I never talked to Luna about that and apologize for my ediotic behaviour. I knocked on her door.

" Who is it?" A muffled replie through the Door.

" Norvon."

" Sorry to distrub just thought we could t-. He awake." I exclaim obivously.

" Yep. Rob this Norvon. Norvon this Rob." She replies

" We'll discuss it later." I walked  out.

My face winces? What Jealousy? Great I'm becoming softer. Emptions and feeling for others doesn't have place in this situation.  I go back to concrete stair well and headed up to highest level of the hotel watchin the Cleansing of the land. So called Cleansing more like paranoid need for control.


The End

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