Luna: Watcher (2)Mature

"So your names Rob" I ask. God, I'm glad he didn't take that kiss the wrong way. But hell it did affect me. I could still feel the softness of his lips on mine and my heart rate was just slowing down.

"Yeah" he mutters looking away.

"My name's Luna" I say and he answers almost immediatly after.

"I know"

"Oh, well....... you were watching me weren't you?"

"Yeah... but I was trying to stay hidden and now I've just blown my cover"

Theres a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I call.

"It's Norvon" a muffled voice replys. I get up and walk over to the door opening it. Norvon smiles.

"Sorry for disturbing you I thought we could t-" He stops as Rob moves behind me getting. "He's awake"

"Yep" I open the door wider. "Rob this is Norvon, Norvon this is Rob"

They boys nod there head in acknoledgement and I suddenly feel awkward.

"Well" Norvon says turning to look at me. "We'll discuss it another time"

Then he leaves. I close the door and turn to jump at Rob standing really close behind me.

"God, you are silent" I mutter. He smiles and open his mouth to speak then closes it shaking his head.

"We should get some sleep" I mutter walking round him and changing my clothes as I go then slipping under the covers.

The End

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